Selling Information

Selling Information


There are many steps leading to a successful auction. Success is built on a foundation of correct identification, cataloging, promotion, and reputation among the market. A successful auction doesn’t just happen , it is strategically planned. As a company focused on providing professional, flawless service, Furlo Auction Service LLC. knows and understands these methods and delivers consistently successful results. Experience has given Furlo Auction Service LLC a proven track record of performance. Furlo Auction Service LLC also has extensive product knowledge. This gives us the advantage in marketing the value and uniqueness of your items.

To help you better understand the auction method of marketing, we have provided a brief overview of the entire process from start to finish. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to find out how we can assist you with your asset liquidation needs.

Initial Consultation

The auction process begins when we are contacted by a potential seller. A meeting will take place between the interested party and Mr. Furlo, (Mike). At this time he will explain the auction method, terms, commissions, and schedule an auction date. Furlo Auction Service LLC does not have a pre-set commission used for all auctions, rather commissions are established on an auction by auction basis, depending on the specific situation. Once final terms have been established a contract is drawn and signed.

Once booked, the Furlo Auction marketing, organizational, and logistical teams are set in motion.


Hundreds of hours of work can go into an auction before the first crack of the gavel is heard. From advertising, cataloging, to addressing the needs of potential buyers, our staff of auction professionals work diligently to insure a successful auction.

Marketing: The marketing and promotion of an auction is one of the most critical aspects of the entire process. An individual marketing plan is developed and implemented for each auction. We employ a variety of media outlets when developing a marketing plan. Traditional media such as; magazines, newspapers, brochures, print ads, signs, mailings, TV, radio, and press releases are commonly used.

In addition to traditional media, we have an exceptionally strong Internet Marketing Department. Our website is seen by  large numbers of buyers through-out the world.  Proper use of the Internet expands the market to a worldwide audience. Access to auction information is just a click away, months before the auction.

Inventory and Photography: A list of items with descriptions may be compiled prior to auction day. This “catalog” of information may include a lot number, a description, and a photo of each item. Catalogs may then be posted on our web site for bidders to preview or place bids.

Internet Bidding: Furlo Auction Service LLC is a recognized leader in technology. This technology allows those who cannot travel to the auction to actively participate. Absentee bids can be taken on our website or depending on the situation, bidders can even participate LIVE via the Internet during the actual auction. Furlo Auction Service LLC understands that increased competition equals higher prices.

Questions/Preview: Furlo Auction Service LLC also offers the convenience of handling all inquiries for the auction, whether by phone or email. We will also establish a time in which bidders may preview the items before the auction. This will allow prospective buyers an opportunity to inspect items. Furlo Auction Service LLC will make sure knowledgeable people, familiar with the items will be on hand to assist with any questions.

Auction Day

Ensuring the comfort of our bidders on auction day is a must. Quality refreshments, restroom facilities, quick registration and check out reduces frustration and keeps bidders attentive and ready to bid.

A stress free event is the product of proper planning and attention to details. This should be an exciting and worry free day for both buyer and seller alike.

Parking and Traffic Flow: Maps of the parking area will be predetermined depending on the site. Parking attendants will be on duty to assist motorists and to insure proper traffic flow.

Automated Clerking: Furlo Auction Service LLC uses the latest in technology to make registration and check out fast and simple. Within a few minutes new customers can obtain a bid number, and returning customers are done in a matter of seconds. Auction data such as: lot number, item description, buyer number, and hammer price are collected and instantly available for cashiers, making check out a snap. Our database technology also allows us to generate end of auction reports at the touch of a button.

Presentation: Items are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manor. Pieces are carefully placed to allow for proper flow of the auction and the crowd. Items will be arranged with ample room for both inspection and sale. When conducting indoor auctions, a photo of each item may be projected onto a large screen for maximum visibility.

Auctioneers: Furlo Auction Service LLC is proud to have experienced auctioneers on staff. Mike Furlo has sat on the board for the Michigan  State Auctioneers Associations for the past 6 years,. All of our auctioneers have years of experience and maintain a quick pace, yet are clear and easy to understand. Our auctioneers are supported by knowledgeable ring men who assist buyers throughout the bidding process.

Post Auction

Check Out: With our fully automated clerking system, check out is a breeze. Auction information is available instantly, eliminating long waits and providing buyers with a detailed receipt.

Shipping: Winning Internet bids are handled by our company and shipped from our facility. We make the necessary arrangements and charge the buyers any fees due. The only exception being, large items such as; tractors, cars, trucks, etc. In this case it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange for shipping. However, we are more than happy to use our contacts in the industry to facilitate them.

Payment/Statement: Sellers can usually expect a check in days. Payment is accompanied by a detailed transaction report including; auction results and bidder information.

Interested In Selling?

Furlo Auction Service LLC would be more than happy to sit down with you and explain the process from start to finish.  We will answer your questions and take the worry out of the entire process.